books in 2023

One of my goal for 2023 is to read more books. I am an average reader at best (as per my old kindle & pocket stats).

This year I am carrying my kindle wherever possible and also consciously nudging myself to read more books using streaks app on iOS.

Anyway, here is a list of all the titles that I have read this year or I am currently reading. I will eventually create a separate page of all book recommendations & a link to my goodreads profile. Till then here is my partially updated goodreads profile

Last Updated On: Tue Sep 19 15:52:52 IST 2023

  • Updates:

July: progress is a little stalled now. I have picked up too many books and lost context on many of these. I will be better next month

August: Got distracted by some good old articles, so spent a good enough time reading but no progress in books

September: Things are going good. Maintaining good pace

Read Link to heading

  1. How to become a writer - Ruskin Bond - 4.5/5
  2. So good they can’t ignore you - Cal Newport - 5/5
  3. A Million Miles in a Thousand Years - What I Learned While Editing My Life - Donald Miller - 4/5
  4. Stealing the Corner Office: The Winning Career Strategies They’ll Never teach you in B-school - Brendan Reid - 5/5
  5. The Education of Yuri - Jerry Pinto - 4/5
  6. The Criminals of Kathmandu (Adventures of Feluda) - Satyajit Ray - 5/5
  7. In Praise of Shadows - Junichiro Tanizaki - 3.5/5
  8. How to Live - Derek Sivers - 5/5 : Strongly Recommended
  9. Sum: Tales from the afterlives - David Eagleman - 4.5/5 - a little trippy
  10. The extraordinary life of Sam Hell - 3/5
  11. Let’s talk money - Monika Halan - 5/5 (highly recommend it for personal finance in India)
  12. Catcher in the Rye - 5/5 (always a good read for me, must read it every decade)
  13. The four commandments - 3/5 (This is a great book for some, but I had read a lot of it before in some other form)
  14. Steal like an artist - 4/5 (a page turner, one sitting book, insightful)
  15. Skin in the Game: Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life - 5/5 (I don’t think I will ever rate anything by Taleb less than 5)

Currently Reading Link to heading

  1. On Writing Well - William Zinsser - on hold
  2. How to be an Adult - David Richo - on hold
  3. The Three Body Problem - on hold
  4. Designing Your Life: Build the Perfect Career, Step by Step - on hold
  5. Money Wise: Timeless Lessons on Building Wealth - on hold
  6. Goat Days - active

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