youtube channel recommendations

I have recently been binging on YouTube videos. Here are some channel recommendations with an example video.

General Science (Math, Physics and much more) Link to heading

  1. Veritasium Example Video: The man who killed millions and saved billions

  2. 3Blue1Brown Example Video: The essence of Calculus

  3. Minutephysics Example Video: How to see without glasses?

Philosophy and Psychology Link to heading

  1. Academy Of Ideas Example Video: Nietzsche and Psychology: How To Become Who You Are

  2. School of Life Example Video: Two Reasons Why We’re Still Single

Architecture & Design Link to heading

  1. City Beautiful Example Video: How did planners design Soviet cities?

  2. OBF Example Video: Why the Netherlands is insanely well designed?

Finance/Business and Economics Link to heading

  1. Economics Explained Example Video: Vietnam: The Economy of the Next Decade?

  2. Think School Example Video: How JOCKEY’s STRATEGY made it a MULTIBAGGER with 14,000% returns? | Page Industries Case Study

Adventure Link to heading

  1. Yes Theory Example Video: STRANGER LIVES HER LAST 24 HOURS

Geoplitics and World Link to heading

  1. Wendover Productions Example Video: Australia had a mass shooting problem. Here’s how it stopped

  2. Johnny Harris Example Video: Why China is so damn big?

  3. Business Insider Example Video: Human Hair Mats Clean Oil Spills. Why Don’t Big Companies Use Them? | World Wide Waste