bangalore diaries

I started my career in Bangalore back in February 2015, within a year I realized that most of Bangalore thought that I was mistaken, as I used to live in Whitefield.

After 7 years, I am back here, now more towards . I will keep updating this post with things that I enjoy. You can choose your adventure.

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1. Try indoor bouldering / climbing I went to equilibium gym in Indiranagar. They charge Rs. 500 for a day pass. You can climb for as long as you want. Keep shorts, sportswear, they have lockers facility.

2. Cubbon Park You can go here for a leisurely walk in the morning hours.

Cubbon Park State Library: The library is beautiful inside out. The best thing is that you can take your own laptop / books and sit there and study for as long as you want. Just ensure that you don’t click pictures and keep your mobile on silent mode.

On Sundays and certain (2nd and 4th Saturdays) you can bring your skates or skateboards and learn or practice along with many members of the Bengaluru Skaters. Checkout their instagram to know more.

3. Get into a sport - Badminton, Football We are a group of 7 friends here. We go for badminton regularly. Good light cardio sessions along with hand-eye coordination practice.

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  1. Burger Seigneur Best Burgers. Can order or dine in

  2. Sheron Tea Stall My favourite tea stall in this world. A must try. You can club this with Burger Seigneur. Their biscuits are damn nice (this is coming from someone who doesnt’ eat biscuits)

  3. IDC Kitchen: Good Dosa, with non-sweet sambaar. I don’t like the non-sweet sambaar though, so this isn’t my preference.

  4. Kunafa Story This has become my favourite dessert place. I do not have a sweet tooth, until I find myself near 5th block Kormangala. I would suggest dining in over ordering in. Say hi to Tanzil from my side.

  5. Go Native Cafe A beautiful cafe with good internet connectivity. The food here is okay, a lot of things to experiment with, some experiments were successful, some failed. But I liked the salads and the drinks. I loved the vitamin punch drink and the cumin feta beetroot salad. I am coming here again for sure.

  6. Naru Noodle Bar The cafe that is the talk of the town (at the time of writing i.e. March, 25, 2023). I had very high expectation from this 8 seater, reservation only place. I tried one Ramen and a Salmon starter, but I found the taste as average and the whole experience wasn’t anything out of this world. If I were Thai, I might have said “my taste pallete aren’t developed to appreciate this taste” but I am not Thai and hence I just say “It bad”.

  7. Thom’s Bakery Legendar Bakery and Supermarket. It is Virushka’s favorite bakery. I like the range of products that are available here. The bread is great. Their puffs and dry cakes are good too. But when I looked at the ingredients I realized that they use Dalda and that made me a little sad. I will not be having more of their cakes for that reason.

  8. Navu Project: I heard a lot about this place on instagram. The menu looked interesting so we visited. Great aesthetic. I liked their Baklava, it was was a good spin on the classic dessert. Lighter version of it. I tried steamed rice with chicken, mushroom gnocchi and cauliflower creme brulè. Except for creme brulè, other dishes were average. I might go back there for the Baklava.

  9. Nasi and Mee: This is a comfort place for me and my wife. A default of sorts. We love the xoxo noodles and the singapore style hainanese chicken rice. We visit this often.